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Stamps Ensemble Scholarship Award

Students selected for a Stamps Ensemble Scholarship Award at the Frost School of Music are most often top Instrumental Performance majors who, in addition to their regular academic and music curriculum, perform in a Stamps Distinguished Ensemble for all four years of study, such as:

They also enjoy a full spectrum of extracurricular and summer activities that help to accelerate their path toward an exciting career in music. 

While enrolled, they also participate in other top major Frost ensembles, such as:

  • Frost Symphony Orchestra,
  • Frost Chamber Orchestra,
  • Frost Wind Ensemble,
  • Frost Symphonic Winds,
  • Frost Concert Jazz Band,
  • Frost Studio Jazz Band,
  • and so on.

Stamps Scholars Program

The Stamps Scholars Program is a special scholarship offered to a select group of incoming freshmen each year to form chamber ensembles. The Stamps Ensemble Scholarship covers the cost of tuition and fees, an on-campus double room in a University of Miami residential college, and a meal plan of 19 meals per week for up to four academic years (eight consecutive semesters). Half of the award will be applied toward fall semester expenses; the other half will be applied toward spring semester expenses. The scholarship is not available in the summer term. Enrichment fees support additional activities related to the Stamps Ensemble and are approved in advance by the Dean.

The sources of matching funds for Stamps Scholarships are institutional merit-based scholarships. There is no expected change in the funding source for matching the Stamps funds. Matching funds are not commingled or co-named with another scholarship. In packaging Stamps Scholars, the University first applies institutional need-based aid for which the student qualifies, if applicable, and external aid (such as Bright Futures, Pell, FRAG, National Merit). If a student receives additional external scholarships, those funds are applied first, along with all aid, and the balance is split between the Foundation and the University. All University scholarships and grants are centralized and awarded by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment.

The Frost School of Music Stamps Scholars program differs from the University of Miami Stamps Scholarship.

How and When to Apply

Students will need to apply to both the University of Miami and the Frost School of Music by the application deadline listed on the How To Apply section of the Frost website, as well as pass an audition for the Frost School of Music, to be eligible for consideration for a Stamps Ensemble Scholarship Award.

Contact the Frost School of Music Office of Admission for application and audition dates and deadline information.

Upcoming Deadlines

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  • Stamps Brass Quintet

    Auditioning Fall 2023 for Stamps Brass Quintet Class of 2028.  Stamps Brass information.

    Five freshmen will be admitted to study and participate in a brass quintet beginning Fall 2024.

    Instruments Needed:

    • French Horn
    • Trombone
    • Trumpet
    • Trumpet
    • Tuba


    Final Application deadline December 1, 2023.

  • Stamps String Quartet

    Auditioning Fall 2021 for Stamps String Quartet Class of 2026. Stamps String information.

    Four freshmen string musicians will be admitted to study and participate in a string quartet beginning Fall 2022.

    Instruments needed:

    • Cello
    • Viola
    • Violin
    • Violin

  • Stamps Wind Quintet

    The Frost School of Music at the University of Miami is now accepting applications for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn to form the full scholarship four-year undergraduate Stamps Woodwind Quintet, with enrollment beginning Fall 2023.

    Generously funded by the Stamps Scholars Program, each of the five students who earn these select auditioned positions (one per instrument) will be awarded a Stamps Woodwind Ensemble Scholarship: full tuition, room and board, and special enrichment opportunities for all four years of their undergraduate studies.

    Awarded students will rehearse and perform together as the Stamps Woodwind Quintet as well as perform in a diverse array of exciting and innovative Frost School orchestral and chamber music settings.

  • Stamps Jazz Quintet

    Auditioning Fall 2024 for Stamps Jazz Quintet Class of 2029.  Stamps Jazz information.

    Five outstanding freshmen will be admitted to study and participate in a jazz quintet beginning Fall 2025.

    Final Application deadline December 1, 2024.