Music Performance Expectations

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Stamps Ensemble Scholars serve as role models for the core values of the highly acclaimed Frost School of Music at the University of Miami; the pursuit of excellence in a culture of collegiality in which a diversity of people, musical styles, and careers are valued. Stamps Ensemble members provide leadership in new initiatives, hone their skills as performers, and bring to the world the greatest attributes of an inclusive, thoughtful musician; the power to listen, react, and create great and transformative art through collective cooperation and musical conversation.

Performance Expectations

In addition to maintaining a full schedule to meet the requirements of their chosen major, Stamps Ensemble Scholars are enrolled in Stamps Distinguished Ensembles such as the Stamps Brass Quintet, Stamps Jazz Quintet, Stamps String Quartet, and Stamps Woodwind Quintet.

The Stamps Distinguished Ensembles perform together for all four years of study, enabling each ensemble to prepare performance repertoire in great depth, and mature as an ensemble together. This rare opportunity is an honor, and the time commitment is more than required of other ensembles in the Frost School.

For example, most chamber ensembles meet for two hours per week and generally perform one or two concerts per semester. Stamps Distinguished Ensembles meet for at least four hours per week, often perform at both the Frost School and community venues as well as recording possibilities and travel to conferences. This reward offers unequaled in-depth musical training that enables students to learn the major repertoire for their ensemble grouping and develop the maturity of a seasoned performing ensemble. 

Ensemble Requirements

Stamps Ensemble Scholars must enroll and successfully participate in the Stamps Ensemble as assigned, and work collaboratively with the faculty coach and other colleagues in the ensemble. Stamps Scholars will participate in a large ensemble as well.